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Architectural vs Real State Photography

Many people think Architectural Photography and Real Estate Photography are the same, because they both specialize in shooting archtecture, however the approach is usually very different.

If you’re looking to quickly document a project strictly for selling purposes, then Real Estate Photography is the way to go. It’s less expensive and will go through the project in less than an hour. The goal is to sell a property, so its lifetime will last only until the sale moment. That’s why report premises in order to go through the project are simple: promptness and efficiency. Premises ignored to get first class images for selling purposes: spaciousness, luminosity and harmony.

But if you want photographs that capture the creativity and character of a space, author’s willfulness, and have an image ensemble showing the project in its whole dimension, to showcase in your portfolio and for high-end publications, Architectural Photography is your best bet. There will be a meeting and a field visit with you to know the project and figure out the best approach, think about the styling, and choose the most appropriate time of the day to capture images that render your design at it’s best.The length of an architectural photoshoot is longer, should be 2-4 hrs (half-day shooting) for small projects, and should be 8 hrs (full day shooting) for larger and more complex projects.

How do you work?

Every project is very personal, so first we need to understand what are your priorities and interests through a brief phone conversation or detailed email.

In order to prepare a detailed budget, we have to set basis for an effective photo shoot planning: Area and location address, rough number of desired pictures (interior, exterior, detail shots), it’s goal and the publishing medium/media and much more.

Once we have a clear comprehension of the scope of work we will email you a precise quote of the time and costs involved for the photo shoot (including post production and licenses).

Once you give us the green light, a meeting with the client on shooting location is advisable, in order to decide the best time of the day with regard to natural light for all exterior sides or rooms, to better understand the space, to make a shot list (with the must-have-shots and the nice-to-have shots), to decide the home staging degree and if we need people to be in the photo (some architectural photo shots might want people), and to schedule photo shoot.

During the shooting day, if the weather at first doesn’t cooperate (rain, mist…), there is no problem in scheduling the shooting again based on availability.

Before we start the post production process, we will email you the editing proof for your review in order to obtain an uniform and unique report.

How long does an architectural photoshoot take?

The length of an architectural photoshoot is mainly determined by several factors: the amount of final images needed to capture the key features of the project, the level of preparations or home staging needed, the best time of the day with regard to natural light for all exterior sides and rooms…

A typical full day photoshoot usually produces around 10-12 final images. Depending on each client and project needs, a full day photoshoot can become a half-day-shooting or even several full-day-shooting (for a larger scale project).

Are all your images edited? Is editing included in your rates?

Even in optimal conditions photo editing is essential in order to obtain the desired results in each project. In many cases there is just as much, if not more, time and effort required in post production as there was in capturing the images to get the desired results. All hourly session rates (half-day shooting or one day shooting) include the time for the post-processing: Brightness indoor-outdoor, color correction and perspective correction.

Who owns the photographs after the shoot?

We own the photographs after the shoot, but we license their previously convened use to our clients with no additional fees (reproduction rights, communication to the public and distribution rights). Exclusive rights, unlimited duration and worldwide territorial scope are attached.

If you required an NDA (non-disclosure-agreement), please don’t hesitate to tell us before the budget drafting.

Do you shoot other kind of photography?

We’re actually specialized on architecure and product. Nonetheless we’re open to be hired for other photographic proposals. Just contact us and make yours.