Nuri Busquets - fotografia d'arquitectura i producte [ca], fotografía de arquitectura y producto [es], architecture and product photography [en] - Girona.
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Nuri Busquets, 1978, Figueres.

Fine Arts Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Image specialty.

I was born in Figueres in 1978. I coursed Fine Arts Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Image specialty, in Universitat de Barcelona (UB).

I work as a freelance photographer from more than 15 years, combining my artistic training with the technical accuracy that Architecture, Product and Comercial Photography requires.


Juan Luis Campoy, 1977, Lorca.

Architect, Master in Landscape Architecture and Fine Arts Bachelor’s Degree.

I’m associate professor at the Visual Arts and Design Department form the Barcelona University combining it with the professional and research activity in Architecture, Landscape, Arts and Heritage. You can take a look at my work on BCS Arquitectes Paisatgistes, JuNu! and my personal site.